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Just like every other appliance in your home, it’s crucial that you inspect your air conditioning system regularly so you can identify any issues that might need to be addressed. Failing to carry out an air conditioning repair when it arises could lead to a much more complex air conditioning repair being required down the line.

On the other hand, if you tackle problems with your air conditioner as soon as they become apparent, you will experience less downtime while the required air conditioning repair is being carried out and, typically, the cost of the air conditioning repair Orange County will be less than if you ignore it for weeks or months on end.

How To Know When You Need An Air Conditioning Repair

As a homeowner, you need to ensure that you can always rely on your air conditioning when you need it most. Knowing when air conditioning repair is required is key to keeping your unit running optimally and extending the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

Here at Cool Air Technologies, we advise inspecting your system regularly so you can quickly find out about any potential problems with your air conditioner. Below are some telltale signs that you might need to contact our expert team to schedule an air conditioning repair.

Choose Cool Air Technologies For All Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs

If you suspect that your air conditioning system is not performing optimally, get in touch with our team at Cool Air Technologies as soon as possible. With the help of our experienced technicians, you can be sure that any air conditioning repair needs you have will be addressed as quickly as possible allowing you to get back to enjoying a cool, comfortable climate at home.

Common Telltale Signs You Need An Air Conditioning Repair

There are countless signs that your air conditioning system might be malfunctioning. These issues can lead to an increase in your energy bills and failing to address them can result in your entire system needing to be replaced. Some common issues to keep an eye out for include:

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If You Are Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms Contact Us To Schedule Service On Your System.

• Very little or no airflow.

• Your air conditioner is blowing warm air.

• Musty, stale, or unpleasant odors from your unit.

• Strange sounds coming from your system.

• Regular problems with your thermostat.

• Humidity levels in your home are rising.

• Moisture around your system.

• Liquid or refrigerant leaking from your air conditioner.

• A sudden, unexplained increase in your utility bill.

Routine Air Conditioning Repair Jobs We See At Cool Air Technologies

With more than twenty years of experience in the air conditioning industry, here at Cool Air Technologies, we have dealt with just about every air conditioning repair you can imagine. While every homeowner would love for their air conditioner to operate faultlessly for its entire lifespan, unfortunately, this is never the case. At Cool Air Technologies, there are some common air conditioning repair cases that we see time and time again, such as:

Dirty Filters
Clogged or dirty filters can cause all sorts of issues with air conditioning systems and are one of the top reasons our team is contacted for air conditioning repair.

The thermostat is essentially the brain of your air conditioning system. If you are having problems with your thermostat, you can be sure that it will have a knock-on effect on your entire system.

Refrigerant leaks from your air conditioner will not only render your system ineffective but they are very dangerous too as refrigerants are toxic. If you have a leak, it’s important you schedule an air conditioning repair right away.

Just as your air conditioner filters can become clogged and dirty over time, the same thing can happen to your drain line. If your drainage is blocked this can cause leaks in your system that can damage the unit.

Your air conditioner has both evaporator and condenser coils to make it work. Evaporator coils absorb heat from the air and send it back into your home as cold air. These coils are susceptible to corrosion over time. Condenser coils are generally located outside your home with your compressor, meaning they are at risk of becoming dirty from the elements. If they become very dirty, they will need to be professionally cleaned by an air conditioning expert such as by our team at Cool Air Technologies.


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We also offer a free estimate for any new equipment or extra parts that you may need to fix your air conditioning unit.

Our contractors specialize in residential AC system replacement, meaning if we are unable to repair your cooling system – or it is not cost-effective for you to have your AC unit fixed – we can install a new one for you without wasting your time or it results in a large bill.

All work is performed by Factory Trained Technicians and comes with our Cool Air Comfort Warranty.

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