Tempstar Thermostats

Looking for a thermostat that can do more than just increase or decrease the temperature setting of your home? Explore our feature-rich Ion™ System Control and take command of your home comfort and potential energy-savings.

Tempstar SYST0101CW Ion™ System control

Tempstar SYST0101CW
Ion™ System control

Tempstar TSTAT0408 Programmable Thermostat with Humidity Control

Tempstar TSTAT0408
Programmable Thermostat with Humidity Control

Tempstar TSTAT0406 Programmable Thermostat

Tempstar TSTAT0406
Programmable Thermostat

Tempstar SYSTXZNSMS01 Smart Sensor for Ion™ Zoning System

Smart Sensor for Ion™ Zoning System

Tempstar SYST0101ZP Ion™ Zoning System

Tempstar SYST0101ZP
Ion™ Zoning System


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