July 12, 2023

Why Won’t My Central Air Conditioning Unit Turn On

Why Won't My Central Air Conditioning Unit Turn On

Learn Some Reason Why Won’t My Central Air Conditioning Unit Turn On

As it starts to heat up in Southern California the last thing you need is your home’s Air Conditioning unit to not start up or stop working. So, what could be causing your Air Conditioning / AC System from not turning on? We will not know until we actually come to your home and check you AC system. But there are a few things you can try to possibly solve the issue before calling an Orange County AC repair technician. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Check the Air Conditioner Air Filter

Step 2: Make Sure the Thermostat Is Set to The Cool Setting

Step 3: Check the AC Shut-Off or Emergency Switch It Might Be Flipped Off

Step 4: Check the Circuit Breakers and Make Sure They Are on, And You Haven Blown A Fuse

Step 5: Clear the AC Condensate Drain

1: Check the Air Conditioner Air Filter

Check to see if the filter in the air conditioner is dusty; if you can hardly see any light coming through it, the filter is too dirty and needs to be replaced. If the filter in your air conditioner is dirty, you should change it since doing so makes your air conditioner run more efficiently and helps keep the air clean.

  • Turn off your air conditioner.
  • Locate the air filter. It is usually located in the return air duct, which is the large duct that brings air into the air conditioner.
  • Remove the air filter. Be careful not to touch the filter with your bare hands, as this can spread dirt and dust.
  • Inspect the air filter. Look for any signs of dirt, dust, or debris. If the filter is dirty, it needs to be replaced.
  • Replace the air filter. Make sure to install the new filter in the correct orientation.
  • Turn on your air conditioner.

Tips For Checking Your AC Unit Air Filter:

  • Check your air filter every 30 days.
  • If you have pets, you may need to check your air filter more often.
  • If you live in a dusty or dirty area, you may also need to check your air filter more often.
  • If your air conditioner is not blowing as cold as it used to, it may be a sign that your air filter needs to be replaced.

2: Make Sure the Thermostat Is Set to The Cool Setting

If the air conditioner is not cooling or isn’t even turning on, the first thing to do is to examine the thermostat to determine the current temperature setting is the first step to taking if the air conditioner is not producing cool air or is not even turning on at all. It’s possible that another member of the household put the thermostat up too high or even turned it off entirely, which would have caused the temperature inside to rise.

Make sure that the temperature on your thermostat is set to “cool,” and not “heat,” because if it is set to “heat,” your air conditioner will not turn on no matter what you do.

To determine whether or not your air conditioner will turn on, adjust the temperature setting such that it is 5 degrees lower than the present temperature.

There could be a problem with the communication between the thermostat and the air conditioner. Check to see that the thermostat has been wired correctly and that the batteries are not depleted. If there is a problem with the communication between the thermostat and the air conditioner, the air conditioner will not turn on.

When the air filter is dirty, it prevents air from flowing back into the air conditioner. This reduces the amount of air that flows over the evaporator coil, which in turn causes the coil to freeze. Because of this, a low-pressure switch trips, which in turn causes your air conditioner’s compressor, also known as the heart of your air conditioner, to shut down. This is done to protect the compressor from being harmed. Therefore, you will need to replace the air filter in order to stop all of that from happening.

3: Check the AC Shut-Off Or Emergency Switch It Might Be Flipped Off

There are several different sources of electricity that an AC unit possesses, and any one of them could have been inadvertently disabled if the AC is not operating. Because the power source for an outdoor AC unit differs from that of an indoor AC unit, you will need to travel outside to the location of the outdoor unit. There must be a location close to the device that can accommodate an emergency switch or a power off button. It’s possible that this switch was left in the “off” position by accident by a user. Before stepping inside to check if the issue has been resolved, make sure that everything has been connected in and that the switches are in the “on” position.

On the exterior of the air conditioning machine, there might also be a reset button that can be pressed. If there is no reset switch located outside, you can use the system located inside to reset the air conditioning units. Before turning on the breaker or the thermostat again, you should wait at least one minute after turning it off. Check to determine if the outside unit has powered back on and the temperature in the room has begun to drop after the reset has been performed.

4: Check the Circuit Breakers and Make Sure They Are on, And You Haven Blown A Fuse

  • Find your electrical panel
  • Look for any tripped breakers
  • Turn the tripped breaker to the “off” position
  • Turn that same breaker to the “on” position
  • If the breaker trips again immediately or after several minutes, don’t reset the breaker again, call a professional for help.

It is possible that the air conditioner is not operating because the circuit breaker that controls it has been tripped. This would prohibit any electric current from powering the machine. If the breaker trips instantly, you should avoid resetting it since there is a good chance that you have a grounded circuit or a short circuit. It could also imply that the circuit breaker needs to be replaced because breakers can become worn out over time or after being tripped several times.

It is also possible that a blown fuse connected to the circuit breaker is what caused the outside air conditioning machine to stop functioning properly. An overloaded circuit breaker is what causes a fuse to blow, and this can happen if the air conditioning machine is overworked or if the wires are loose as a result of aging.

5: Clear The AC Condensate Drain

  • Turn off your air conditioner.
  • Locate the condensate drain line. It is usually a small PVC pipe that runs from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.
  • Find the access point on the drain line. This is usually a small cap or plug that can be removed with a screwdriver.
  • Inspect the drain line for any blockages. If you see any debris, use a wire hanger or a brush to clear it out.
  • Flush the drain line with water. Pour a few cups of water into the drain line to make sure that it is clear.
  • Replace the access point on the drain line.
  • Turn on your air conditioner and test the drain line. If the water is draining properly, you are done.

Here are some additional tips for clearing the AC condensate drain:

  • Use a flashlight to inspect the drain line. This will help you to see any blockages that you may not be able to see with the naked eye.
  • Be careful not to damage the drain line. The drain line is made of PVC, which is a brittle material. If you are not careful, you could crack the drain line, which would require a professional to repair.
  • Flush the drain line with hot water. Hot water can help to dissolve any clogs that may be in the drain line.
  • Repeat the process every 30 days. This will help to prevent the drain line from clogging in the future.

When an air conditioner runs, condensation forms on the cold evaporator coil. The condensation evacuates your home via the condensate drain line. But if the drain line gets clogged with gunk, the water overflows and a drain float switch will shut down your AC to prevent any water damage. The wet-dry vacuum should help unclog any blockages.

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